Team Knock Out – Upcoming finals

The pairings for the last round of the Team Knock Out have been set and the matchups are very promising and will make for some exciting games:

The Trophy and the Shield Final will be played at the Pyg on May 10th and May 17th respectively. Shoutout to Kevin Mohan and his team at the Pyg for sponsoring this event!

Here is the complete lineup for the Team Knock Out final round:

  • Trophy (May 10th)
    • Final @ The Pyg: Brooklyn Zoo 1 vs. The New Thargs
    • Third place game @ Eirelux: Brooklyn Zoo 3 vs. Mind the Gap
  • Shield (May 17th)
    • Final @ The Pyg: Game Over vs. Flying Finns
    • Third place game @ Crossfire: Fire Darters vs. NTTB

Good Darts to all participating teams!