Team Knock-Out Update

The first finalists for the Cup and the Shield have been determined:

Congratulations to Brooklyn Zoo 1 for reaching the Cup Final and to the Flying Finns for doing likewise in the Shield. Both teams played in very narrow 4-3 matches but managed to hang in there for the win in the end.

The remaining two finalists will be determined at a later date due to the postponement of their matches.

Venue change: Mind the Gap (The Pyg)

Please take note that Mind the Gap has changed venues for the upcoming Spring Season and is now playing at The Pyg instead of Oscar’s Pub.

Due to this change, several home-away matches had to be switched to avoid scheduling conflicts with the Dart Vaders that also play at the PYG. The following matches have been affected:

  • 01.02.2023 Game Over – Mind the Gap => Deieregaart
  • 08.02.2023 Mind the Gap – Brooklyn Zoo I => The Pyg
  • 01.03.2023 Dart Vaders – Brooklyn Zoo III => The Pyg
  • 22.03.2023 Mind the Gap – Game Over => The Pyg
  • 29.03.2023 Brooklyn Zoo I – Mind the Gap => Scott’s
  • 26.04.2023 Brooklyn Zoo III – Dart Vaders => Eirelux

The calendar on the website has been updated. Please remember to inform your venues if you have already communicated the initial schedule.

Should you notice any inconsistencies, please do not hesitate to let the committee know!

2022-2023 Team Knock-Out Draw

Here is the complete draw for the 2022-2023 Team Knock-Out Competition. The second round takes place on January 25th. The semi-finals will be played on March 15th, and the finals on May 10th.