Team Knockout – Draw 3rd round

Hi folks,

Please find below the result of the draw of the next round:


Rusty Darts I  – Brooklyn Zoo I

Brooklyn Zoo II – Game Over

Who Darted – Thargs

The Others – Samba Superstars


Pyg Dart Vaders – Fire Darters

Rusty Darts II – Flying Finns

Notorious PYG – Rusty Darts III

Bye: D’Artagnan



Finals Night

Hi folks,

As you all know, on wednesday december 17th 19:30, finals night will take place. Registration for finals night doubles competition starts at 19:30. Competition itself starts at 20:00.

Here is the list of the honored teams and players:

Division 1

League champion:           The Others

Runners Up:                     Brooklyn Zoo I

Best player:                       Wollener Steve (The Others)

Division 2

League champion:           Rusty Darts II

Runners Up:                     Bloody Marys

Best player:                       Chaumond Yann (Bloody Marys)

Divison 3

League champion:           Rusty Darts III (Play-Off Game Rusty Darts III vs Samba Superstars 6-1)

Runners Up:                     Samba Superstars

Best player:                       Jungbluth David (Rusty Darts III)

High Scores:                     Chaumond Yann (Bloody Marys) 2 x 180

High Check:                      Fattie Alagie (Samba Superstars)  160

Fast finish:                        Miles Steven (Brooklyn Zoo I)  17 Darts


All honorees should attend finals night.


Play-Off games for league champion

Hi folks, In  division 3 a play-off game has to be played in order to determine the league champion.

The game is fixed as follows: December 10th – League champion division 3:  Samba Superstars vs. Rusty Darts III in Decibel Bar.

In  division 2 no need to have a play-off game as Rusty Darts II won two times against Bloody Mary’s .

just to remember the statutes :


If there are 2 or more teams on level points at the end of the season in the following positions:

  • “Champions place – 1st place in 1st Division”, or
  • “Promotion place – 1st place in 2nd & 3rd Division” or
  • “Relegation places – bottom place in 1st & 2nd Division”

then the final positions will be determined by taking into account the results of the matches between the teams concerned. For example: If two teams are equal then if team A has beaten team B both times during the season then team A will be classified higher than team B. However if the 2 teams won 1 match each then there would be a play-off to determine positions. This rule would also apply if there were 3 or more teams on equal points.


cheers Nico

Team Knockout – Draw – 2 Round

Team Knock-out Trophy

The pairings for 2nd round, to be played on 10th december 2014, were drawn today:

Brooklyn Zoo II vs Bloody Mary’s

NTTB’s vs Game Over

Byes: Brooklyn Zoo I, The Others, Who Darted, Thargs, Rusty Darts I, Samba Superstars

Division 2 – Prototypes retire

Today we got the sad news, that the Protoptypes retired from LDL.

All matches played by the Prototypes will be counted as a forfeit game with 7-0 sets.

Team Knockout – Round 1- Results

Rusty Darts III vs Brooklyn Zoo I 1 – 6

Rusty Darts II  vs The Others 1 – 6

Pyg Dart Vaders vs Who Darted 1 – 6

Game Over vs Notorius PYG 6 – 1

Samba Superstars vs Prototypes 7 – 0 ff

Flying Finns vs Thargs 1 – 6

Fire Darters vs Rusty Darts I 3 – 4

D’Artagnan vs Bloody Marys 2 -5

League match 3 – Results

Results of 1st and 3rd division matches are now online.

Result of postponed 3rd division match: D’Artagnan vs. Fire Darters  3 – 4

The teams that didn’t already transfer the team fee, please make the transfer until end of october!!!

Account details:

IBAN: LU 79 1111 7023 2646 0000


Trichies/Ritter/Pearce LDL


League match 1 – Results

Results of league match 1 are now online!

In order to make life easier for the secretary of LDL, I’d like to ask you to put the player’s full names on the result sheets!

Work on league tables and best player rankings are still going on. Thank you for your patience!