Finals Night

Hi folks,

As you all know, on wednesday december 17th 19:30, finals night will take place. Registration for finals night doubles competition starts at 19:30. Competition itself starts at 20:00.

Here is the list of the honored teams and players:

Division 1

League champion:           The Others

Runners Up:                     Brooklyn Zoo I

Best player:                       Wollener Steve (The Others)

Division 2

League champion:           Rusty Darts II

Runners Up:                     Bloody Marys

Best player:                       Chaumond Yann (Bloody Marys)

Divison 3

League champion:           Rusty Darts III (Play-Off Game Rusty Darts III vs Samba Superstars 6-1)

Runners Up:                     Samba Superstars

Best player:                       Jungbluth David (Rusty Darts III)

High Scores:                     Chaumond Yann (Bloody Marys) 2 x 180

High Check:                      Fattie Alagie (Samba Superstars)  160

Fast finish:                        Miles Steven (Brooklyn Zoo I)  17 Darts


All honorees should attend finals night.