Finals night

Hi folks,

Finals night will be held on June 1st 2016 at 19:30 in George & Dragon.

Registration for finals night doubles competition starts at 19:30 and competition will start at 20:00.

Underneath you can find the list of honored teams & players:

Division 1

League champion:      THE OTHERS I

Runners Up:               GAME OVER

Best male player:        MÉBILLE GREGORY

Best female player:     JACOB TINA

Division 2

League champion:      SAMBA SUPERSTARS

Runner Up:                 NEW THARGS

Best male player:        HEINEN JOËL

Best female player:     MEHLEN CLAIRE

Team Knockout Trophy

Winner:                      THE OTHERS I

Runner Up:                 THE OTHERS II

Team Knockout Shield

Winner:                      NEW THARGS

Runner Up:                 BROOKLYN ZOO I

High Scores

Best male player:        DOCHERTY PETER (4×180)

Best female player:     HOOR SABRINA (1×180)

High Check

Best male player:        WINANDY CHRISTOPHE (160)

Best female player:     JACOB TINA (155)

Fast Finish

Best male player:        KIEFFER JOÉ (15 Darts) , KAYSER GILLES (15 Darts)

League Singles

Winner:                      MUNISSO FABRIZIO

Runner Up:                HEMPEL SERGE

League Doubles

Winners:                     HEINEN JOËL / McDONOUGH THOMAS

Runners Up:               HEMPEL SERGE / FATTY ALAGIE

Ladies Singles

Winner:                       JACOB TINA

Runner Up:                 MEHLEN CLAIRE

Ladies Doubles

Winners:                     MEHLEN CLAIRE / RACKÉ NICOLE

Runners Up:              GRETHEN SONJA / JACOB TINA