Captains Meeting

Ladies & Gentlemen,

provisionally we are planning to hold the Captains Meeting on September 2nd, as the season needs to start on 16th September.

Please make a note in your diary – we will advise the venue when we confirm the date.

It is most important that every team is represented. 

If you cannot attend yourself, then please make sure that the Vice-Captain, or a representative, who is empowered make decisions on behalf of your team comes along.

We would like to have an idea of how many teams will be playing next season. One new team has expressed interest in joining the LDL, so to help us plan for the future, we would be obliged if you could advise, as soon as possible, if your team will keep on playing.

As you know, our vice-president, Jem Pearce will stop his functions, so please if you are a candidate, let us know.

Cheers and have a nice summer 

Nico Ritter

President LDL