Results Update

The games are up to date now.

For those who haven’t handed it the results, please to this in the next few days.



Agenda Update

Dear players,

the agenda has been updated! The game days 5 to 9 are online now !

I try to update game days 10 to 18 in the next days.

Good Darts



Dear all,

on wednesday 2nd october the 1st gameday will take place.

I did the game planning and will put it on the website in the next few days.

Good darts,

Cheers Jim

Season 2019 – 2020

Ladies & Gentlemen, dear players,

The 2019 – 2020 season is ahead.

1st i want to thank Nico Ritter for his work over the last few years. It was my pleasure to meet, work and play with you. Thank you very much.

The new agenda can be found now on the website. As i announced, it was tough to put this work in it but finally we can start the season.

I want to remind you that the team fee has to be paid until the 3rd game of the season. If this isn’t happening, we will put the name of the team on the website and further sanctions will be taken into consideration.

I also want to remind you that all the games can be started at 19h30 and have to be started at latest at 20h30.

I wish you all the best for the season, good darts and a lot of fun.

Your president,

Jim Mayer

Result Cup Finals & Play-Off’s

Dear all,

congratulations to Others who have won the Trophy Cup against New Thargs!

Rusty Darts 1 takes the Shield Cup against Rusty Darts 2!

No play-off games will take place as Rusty Darts 2 will not play there game and will go to 2nd division!

The tables are updated and can be found under there respective division.

In the name of the committee, i wish you a nice finals night and a good rest during the summer break. We hope you enjoyed the season.

Good darts, cheers,


Cup Finals @ Spot48

Trophy final:

The Others 1 vs. New Thargs

Shield final:

Rusty Darts 2 vs. Rusty Darts 1

Good Darts to all!

Cup Final & Results

Dear all,

on wednesday the 8th may the cup finals will be played at Spot48.

Due to personal affairs, i couldnĀ“t update the website but this will be done on sunday.

Please not also that the Finals night will be held at Spot48.

All those who receive a trophy are invited to be there and pick them up. But also all other player is invited to Spot48 to have a drink and a warm closing of the season.



Singles Tournament & Draw Shield / Trophy games

Dear all,

tommorrow evening the singles tournament will be played @ Spot 48!

Registration open until 19h30! Games start @ 20 o’clock!

It is a straight knock-out tournament, no loosersround!!!

Also the looser has to mark the next game!

The draw of the shield games:

Samba Superstars vs. Rusty Darts 2

Rusty Darts 1 vs. Mind the Gap

The draw of the trophy games:

Brooklyn Zoo 1 vs. New Thargs

The Others 1 vs. Darts Poetica

Fairplay and good darts too all !

Update Results

Hey all,

the website has been updated with the results from the cup games. However, one game is missing. as soon as this result is available, the draw for the semi-finals will be made!

League game 16 has also been updated!

I want to remind you that LDL is a leisure league and that cheating or trying to disconcert another player is absolutely not in the interest of the commitee of LDL and hopefully also of all the players.

Fairplay and good Darts for the rest of the season.

Cheers, Jim