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Get ready for Finals Night 2024!

Circle the day in your calendar: The Finals Night 2024 takes place on June 12th at EireLux (Howald).

The event will start at 19h00 and will feature a Singles competition with a round-robin first round. The winner and the runner-up will receive a €50, respectively €25 gift voucher!

We will also hand out lots of trophies and prizes to all these teams and individuals:

Regular season:

  • Division 1 Champions: Brooklyn Zoo 1
  • Division 1 Runnner-up: New Thargs
  • Division 2 Champions: Brooklyn Zoo 3
  • Division 1 Runnner-up: Who Darted

Team Knockout:

  • Trophy Winner: TBD
  • Trophy Runner-up: TBD
  • Shield Winner: TBD
  • Shield Runner-up: TBD

Individual achievements:

  • Best Player Division 1 Winter Season: Frank Wolters (27 points)
  • Best Player Division 1 Spring Season: Andrea Colombo (24 points)
  • Best Player Division 2 Winter Season: Claude Brachtenbach (26 points)
  • Best Player Division 2 Spring Season: Jeff Greis (34 points)
  • High Scores (Winter & Spring): Jim Mayer (9x 180)
  • High Checkout (Winter & Spring): Alex Chalmers (158)
  • Fast Finish (Winter & Spring): Jim Mayer (13 darts)

Final standings – Spring Season 2024

Congratulations to the champions:

  • Division 1: Brooklyn Zoo 1
  • Division 2: Brooklyn Zoo 3

Brooklyn Zoo 1 finished the season undefeated after beating the Division 1 runner-up New Thargs last night and Brooklyn Zoo 3 managed to clinch the crown on the last match day in a decisive win over runner-up Who Darted!