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Results Ladies Night

Here are the results of the ladies night.

Singles Competition:

1. Jessica Bintz (Rusty Darts III)

2. Tina Jacob (Rusty Darts I)

3. Julie Rogers (Pyg Dart Vaders)

4. Maura Clifford (Pyg Dart Vaders)

5. Micheline Marx (Rusty Darts I)


Doubles Competition:

1.) Tina Jacob (Rusty Darts I) / Jessica Bintz (Rusty Darts III)

2.) Julie Rogers / Maura Clifford (Pyg Dart Vaders)

Ladies Night

On wednesday, november 21st 2018 our 4th Ladies night will be held @ Spot 48.

Singles and doubles will be played.

Boards are ready at 19:15 and registration starts at the same time.

Singles competition will start at 20:00 and doubles competition will start after the final of singles competition.

please note that this is a LDL only event



Dear all,

we were informed that the rooster for matchday 9 wasn’t online.

This has been updated!

The whole Agenda is online now.