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League Doubles Tournament – Results

  1. Mayer Jim / Hempel Serge  (RD III/BZ I)
  2. Pejo Balazs / Ovarecz Czaba (D’arts Poetica/Lucky Baaastard’s)
  3. Ecker Tim / Jenetten Sven (RD III)
  4. Akrour Mathias / Corvisy Cyril (RD I)

League Doubles Tournament

Hi folks,

Just a little reminder that next Wednesday, February 7th, the League Doubles Tournament will be held in Spot 48 bar, 48, rte de Hollerich.

Registration can be send by email to : or can be made at the venue from 19:30 until 20:00.

The competition itself will start at 20:15 at latest.

Please be aware that only doubles can be registered. If someone doesn’t have a double partner, he/she may come to the venue, but we can’t guarantee that we can find a double partner.

Only players playing for a team are allowed to participate.

The doubles knock-out competition will be straight knock-out, if there are more than 16 doubles registered . If there are less than 16 or 16 doubles registered, the competition will be double knock-out. Each match in the rounds up to and including the Semi-Finals will consist of 3 legs of 501. The final and 3rd & 4th Play-Off will be 5 legs of 501.

Luc Hagen
Secretary LDL