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Results Ladies Night

Hi folks,

Here are the results of the ladies night.

Singles Competition:

1. Hagen-Mehlen Claire (NTTBs)

2. Blum Kelly (The Others II)


Doubles Competition:

1.) Jacob Tina (Rusty Darts I) / Hoor Sabrina (Brooklyn Zoo II)

2.) Blum Kelly (The Others II) / Sychkova Elena (D’Arts Poetica)



Ladies Night

On wednesday, november 22nd 2017 our 3rd Ladies night will be held @ Spot 48.

Singles and doubles will be played. 501 best of three with no losers round.

Boards are ready at 19:00 and registration starts at the same time.

Singles competition will start at 20:00 and doubles competition will start after the final of singles competition.

please note that this is a LDL only event