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Team Knockout – Draw – 2 Round

Team Knock-out Trophy

The pairings for 2nd round, to be played on 10th december 2014, were drawn today:

Brooklyn Zoo II vs Bloody Mary’s

NTTB’s vs Game Over

Byes: Brooklyn Zoo I, The Others, Who Darted, Thargs, Rusty Darts I, Samba Superstars

Division 2 – Prototypes retire

Today we got the sad news, that the Protoptypes retired from LDL.

All matches played by the Prototypes will be counted as a forfeit game with 7-0 sets.

Team Knockout – Round 1- Results

Rusty Darts III vs Brooklyn Zoo I 1 – 6

Rusty Darts II  vs The Others 1 – 6

Pyg Dart Vaders vs Who Darted 1 – 6

Game Over vs Notorius PYG 6 – 1

Samba Superstars vs Prototypes 7 – 0 ff

Flying Finns vs Thargs 1 – 6

Fire Darters vs Rusty Darts I 3 – 4

D’Artagnan vs Bloody Marys 2 -5

League match 3 – Results

Results of 1st and 3rd division matches are now online.

Result of postponed 3rd division match: D’Artagnan vs. Fire Darters  3 – 4

The teams that didn’t already transfer the team fee, please make the transfer until end of october!!!

Account details:

IBAN: LU 79 1111 7023 2646 0000


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