Play-Off games for league champion

Hi folks, In  division 3 a play-off game has to be played in order to determine the league champion.

The game is fixed as follows: December 10th – League champion division 3:  Samba Superstars vs. Rusty Darts III in Decibel Bar.

In  division 2 no need to have a play-off game as Rusty Darts II won two times against Bloody Mary’s .

just to remember the statutes :


If there are 2 or more teams on level points at the end of the season in the following positions:

  • “Champions place – 1st place in 1st Division”, or
  • “Promotion place – 1st place in 2nd & 3rd Division” or
  • “Relegation places – bottom place in 1st & 2nd Division”

then the final positions will be determined by taking into account the results of the matches between the teams concerned. For example: If two teams are equal then if team A has beaten team B both times during the season then team A will be classified higher than team B. However if the 2 teams won 1 match each then there would be a play-off to determine positions. This rule would also apply if there were 3 or more teams on equal points.


cheers Nico