LDL Singles Tournament

Next Wednesday, March 28th 2018
the LDL Singles Tournament will be held in Spot 48 Bar, 48 rue de Hollerich, L-1740 Luxembourg.

You can also register by E-mail ( )

Tournament will be a straight one, regardless of the number of players.

Games will be 501 best of 3 legs, semi-finals and final game will be 501 best of 5 legs.

Cheers Nico

League Doubles Tournament – Results

  1. Mayer Jim / Hempel Serge  (RD III/BZ I)
  2. Pejo Balazs / Ovarecz Czaba (D’arts Poetica/Lucky Baaastard’s)
  3. Ecker Tim / Jenetten Sven (RD III)
  4. Akrour Mathias / Corvisy Cyril (RD I)

League Doubles Tournament

Hi folks,

Just a little reminder that next Wednesday, February 7th, the League Doubles Tournament will be held in Spot 48 bar, 48, rte de Hollerich.

Registration can be send by email to : or can be made at the venue from 19:30 until 20:00.

The competition itself will start at 20:15 at latest.

Please be aware that only doubles can be registered. If someone doesn’t have a double partner, he/she may come to the venue, but we can’t guarantee that we can find a double partner.

Only players playing for a team are allowed to participate.

The doubles knock-out competition will be straight knock-out, if there are more than 16 doubles registered . If there are less than 16 or 16 doubles registered, the competition will be double knock-out. Each match in the rounds up to and including the Semi-Finals will consist of 3 legs of 501. The final and 3rd & 4th Play-Off will be 5 legs of 501.

Luc Hagen
Secretary LDL

Results Ladies Night

Hi folks,

Here are the results of the ladies night.

Singles Competition:

1. Hagen-Mehlen Claire (NTTBs)

2. Blum Kelly (The Others II)


Doubles Competition:

1.) Jacob Tina (Rusty Darts I) / Hoor Sabrina (Brooklyn Zoo II)

2.) Blum Kelly (The Others II) / Sychkova Elena (D’Arts Poetica)



Ladies Night

On wednesday, november 22nd 2017 our 3rd Ladies night will be held @ Spot 48.

Singles and doubles will be played. 501 best of three with no losers round.

Boards are ready at 19:00 and registration starts at the same time.

Singles competition will start at 20:00 and doubles competition will start after the final of singles competition.

please note that this is a LDL only event

Problems with the Website

Hi together,

as you already noticed we had problems with our website

the results are now online

achievements are now online





Captains Meeting Monday 18th September 19:30 George and Dragon

Ladies & Gentlemen,

the Captains Meeting is on 18th September 19:30 at George and Dragon (Rollingergrund), as the season starts on 27th September.

It is most important that every team is represented.

If you cannot attend yourself, then please make sure that the Vice-Captain, or a representative, who is empowered to take decisions on behalf of your team,comes along.


Nico Ritter

President LDL

Spring Season – Final Results

2016/17 :


Team Knockout Trophy

Winners:                      Rusty Darts III

Runners Up:               The Others I

Team Knockout Shield

Winners:                      New Thargs

Runners Up:               The Others II


Spring Season :

Division 1:

League champions :    The Others I

Runners Up:                   New Thargs


Best male player:         Heinen Joël and Mayer Jim

Best female player:     Jacob Tina


Division 2:

League Champions :   Game Over

Runners Up :                  Brooklyn Zoo I


Best male player:         Henriques David

Best female player:     Rogers Julie


Division 3:

League Champions :   Notorious PYG

Runners Up :                 Rusty Darts II

Best male player:         Kill Andy

Best female player:     Hagen-Mehlen Claire


Fast Finish:

Best male player :      Kremer Sacha and Debusscher Jo (15 Darts)

High Check:          

Best male player :     Docherty Peter (135)

High Score:

Best male player:     Weishaar Eric ( 4 x 180 )

Best female player:  Clifford Maura ( 180 )