LDL Captain’s Meeting Minutes

LDL Captain’s Meeting – 14-Sept-2022

Committee Members

The existing committee was unanimously approved, with the addition of Claude Kintziger.

  • President – Andy
  • Vice- President- Sean
  • Treasurer – Adam
  • Secretary (schedule) – Alain
  • Webmaster & registering scores – Claude


Team captains and venues

The meeting unanimously agreed that we keep the restriction that all venues should be in Luxembourg city.

However, if there are new locations suitably located they may be proposed in the captains WhatsApp group and the Captain’s will vote on it.

The meeting unanimously agree that Brooklyn Zoo 3 can continue to play at EireLux.

Brooklyn Zoo 1 raised a concern that they may move; and switch will be communicated.


The New Season

All teams confirmed the continuing participation, along with venues and players list.

One new team was added

  • Lonely Darts Club

The teams & venues are:

Venues & Teams

Scott’s Bar

  • Brooklyn Zoo 1 (TBC)

Oscar’s Bar

  • Mind the Gap
  • Lonely Darts Club (TBC – may move to Oscar’s Diner)

UpDown Bar

  • Who Darted

Cafe Crossfire

  • Fire Darters


  • Brooklyn Zoo 3

Independent Cafe

  • Flying Finns

Shamrock Bar

  • Game Over

The Pyg

  • Notorious PYG
  • Dart Vaders

The White Rose

  • FGTH
  • The New Thargs

There were no teams in Oscar’s Diner; however even if “Lonely Darts Club” move to that venue, it has space for other teams.


New Season

Kick-off season: 21st Sept


Scoring system

The meeting discussed and recognised that there were issues with moving to the new system.

This was based on the Game Score only.

It was possible that a team can win all their games but not win the league!?

The meeting agreed unanimously to go back to the old scoring system, with a tweak.

  • 2pts for win
  • Game points in match is totalled throughout the season; 7-0, 6-1, 5-2 or 4-3
  • Legs per match also totalled throughout the season 2-0 or 2-1.
  • Team winning most games wins league.
  • If two teams win the same number, then differentiate by Game Points.
  • If two teams are still level, then the differentiate by the legs won/loss.
  • If still level, then head-to-head score.
  • Then play-off.


League Structure

The meeting was reminded that we had two groups (not divisions) last season so the new season will have a 1st & 2nd Division based on the place each team finished in their respective groups.

The 4th placed teams from each group were offered the chance to play in either division. Mind the Gap requested the 1st Division, while Fire Darters requested the 2nd Division.

Therefore we have Two divisions; one of 7 teams and one of 6 teams.

1st Division

  • BZ1
  • New Thargs
  • Notorious PYG
  • BZ3
  • Game Over
  • FGTH
  • Mind the Gap

2nd Division

  • Fire Darters
  • Flyin Finns
  • Who Darted
  • Dart Vaders
  • Lonely Darts Club


Promotion & Relegation

The meeting agreed unanimously to return to two teams promoted & two teams relegated.



The meeting discussed playing  just division matches in the first have of the season, but this cannot work. Therefore we now direct you to the website agenda for the schedule:

  • The first half of the season will run to end of January ’23 and include Team Knockout games.

So, from Jan thru May there will also be a:

  • Team knockout
  • Singles & Doubles
  • Potentially an open tournament?



The meeting was informed that the awards for this season will include:

  • Winning team per division
  • Runner up per division
  • Best player per division
  • Highest score – vouchers not trophies
  • Highest finish – vouchers not trophies
  • Fast finish – vouchers not trophies
  • Team knockout winner CUP and SHIELD
  • Team knockout loser CUP and SHIELD



The meeting was informed, and based on the awards listed, that the costs for the season would be 40 euros per team. This was approved unanimously.


Advertising the league

Sponsorship and facebook

The committee explained that if possible we want to reach a point where there are no team fees (i.e. through sponsorship)

  • Reach out by Kevin : Mansfield
  • Reach out by Claude : Bofferding

However, we will need to put together a proposal which explains what we do, how many venues, players events etc.



The meeting discussed use of Facebook.

Is there anyone at the captains meeting that knows how to manage events on Facebook as business? Cian agreed to investigate.



The meeting also discussed, once we have such a Facebook page that we put a flyer up in every venue with details and QR code to Facebook page

The meeting agreed unanimously that pictures of all winners or awards on the website newsfeed. However if someone wants their picture removed then it will be removed.



  1. The captains were asked to review the current statutes, website, as most situations can be dealt with by reference to the statutes. Also, asked to check if there are any mistakes!
  2. The meeting agreed to retain the starting time (5.1) as mentioned in the statutes.
  3. The meeting discussed delayed matches (8.1), and the rule of 3 reschedules per team will be implemented. While no team should reschedule any of the last 3 league matches, as there is no time to complete.
  4. The captains were reminded on the Transfer Period (5.2.6), that no player can switch team during a season other than during this period.
  5. Location Sponsorship – the committee discussed the proposal from Kevin (PYG) to sponsor the Team Knockout and Shield with the finals taking place at the PYG. They will provide the trophies. The meeting was in favour 12-1.