Finals Night (May 24th) @ Oscar’s Diner

As this very successful season is drawing to a close, the committee would like to invite all players to attend our Finals Night on May 24th where you can participate in a singles and a doubles tournament . Winners and runner-ups will be awarded gift vouchers.

The event will take place at Oscar’s Diner (rue de Strasbourg) starting at 19h00. As always, feel free to arrive earlier for an open practice/warm-up session.

From 19h00 until 19h15, you can register for the two tournaments. If you want to participate in the doubles tournament but don’t have a partner, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will match you with somebody. Also, if you are worried about running a couple of minutes late and miss the registration, just ask your team captain to drop us a note in our Whatsapp group, and we will pre-register you!

While the brackets are being drawn by our highly skilled bracketologists, the award ceremony will take place and the trophies for the league champions, the runner-ups and the best player of each division will be handed out:

  • Division 1 Champion: New Thargs
  • Division 1 Runner-up: Brooklyn Zoo I
  • Division 1 Best player: Peter Docherty (New Thargs)
  • Division 2 Champion: Frankie goes to Hollywood
  • Division 2 Runner-up: Fire Darters
  • Division 2 Best player: Andrew Zacharias (Fire Darters)

We will then start the singles and doubles tournament. The exact format will be determined once we know the number of players that will participate (we want to make sure that we finish before we get kicked out!)

Tentative time schedule:

  • Until 19h00: Open practice and warm-up
  • 19h00 – 19h15: Player registration
  • 19h15 – 19h30: Award ceremony
  • 19h30 – Begin singles & doubles tournament
  • At the conclusion: Presentation of prizes to tournament winners

See y’all there!