LDL Singles Tournament

On Wednesday, March 29th 2017 the LDL Singles Tournament will be held in Spot 48 Bar, 48 rue de Hollerich, L-1740 Luxembourg.

Registration for the LDL Singles Tournament starts at 19:30. Competition will start at 20:00

You can also register by E-mail ( luxdartsleague(at) )

Tournament will be a straight one, regardless of the number of players.

Games will be 501 best of 3 legs, semi-finals and final game will be 501 best of 5 legs.



League Doubles

Next Wednesday, February 8th 2017 the League Doubles Tournament will be held in Spot48 bar, 48 rue de Hollerich, L-1740 Luxembourg.

Registration for the Doubles League starts at 19:30. Competition itself starts at 20:00.
You can also register via E-mail ( luxdartsleague(at) ),
please note that you have to find yourself a doubles-partner…
registration is only possible as a doubles-pair

tournament will be with a loser’s round best of 3 501 ( if not to many teams 16 =/-)
if 17+ teams straight one with no losers round !

Final will be played best of 5 501


Ladies night – Results

Single tournament:

1. JACOB Tina (Rusty Darts I)
2. HOOR Sabrina (Brooklyn Zoo II)
3. ROGERS Julie (Pyg Dart Vaders)
3. MEHLEN Claire (NTTBs)
Doubles tournament:

1. ROGERS Julie/CLIFFORD Maura (Pyg Dart Vaders)
2. HOOR Sabrina (Brooklyn Zoo II) / JACOB Tina (Rusty Darts I)

Ladies Night

Next wednesday, january 18th 2017 the second Ladies night will be held in George & Dragon.

Singles and doubles will be played. 501 best of three with no losers round.

Boards are ready at 19:00 and registration starts at the same time.

Singles competition will start at 19:30 and doubles competition will start after the final of singles competition.

2016 – Winter Season – Final Results

1st Division

League Champions:                       Samba Superstars

Runners Up:                                     New Thargs

Best male player:                            Docherty Peter

Best female player:                        Hoor Sabrina


2nd Division

League Champions:                       Rusty Darts III

Runners Up:                                     Rusty Darts I

Best male player:                            Manderscheid Mike

Best female player:                        Jacob Tina


3rd Division

League Champions:                       Mind the Gap

Runners Up:                                     Pyg Dart Vaders

Best male player:                            Rouse Nigel

Best female player:                        Hagen-Mehlen Claire


High Scores:

Best male player:                            Docherty Peter (3 x 180)

                                                               Evers Gilles (3 x 180)

Best female player:                        Hoor Sabrina (1 x 177)


High Check

Best male player:                            Kremer Sacha (152)

Best female player:                        Blum Kelly (118)


Fast Finish

Best male player:                            Docherty Peter (14 Darts)

Best female player:                       –

2017 – Spring season

Spring season will start January 11th 2017.

Season schedule can be found in the agenda.

Merry X-mas and a happy new year to all of you!


Captains Meeting 14th September 19:30 Oscar’s Bar in Grund

Ladies & Gentlemen,

the Captains Meeting is on 14th September  19:30 at Oscar’s Bar in Grund (9 Bisserweg  L-1238 Luxembourg), as the season starts on 21th September.

It is most important that every team is represented.

If you cannot attend yourself, then please make sure that the Vice-Captain, or a representative, who is empowered make decisions on behalf of your team comes along.



Nico Ritter

President LDL