LDL 2021-2022 Spring Season

The newest phase to the restart of LDL 2021-2022 begins next Wednesday 19th Jan.

All the updated fixtures are now on the web-site including the draw for the first round of the Team Knockout, the site has also been updated with all the correct team names. Also, some of the fixtures had to be reorganized due to venue clashes, so some of the matches have been altered.

We also want to remind you all that the cafes will need to close by 23:00, so plan around the temporary start time of 19.30.

Thanks for visiting the web-site.

Here’s to a successful Darts Season.

The Committee

Team Knockout – 1st Round

The draw for the Team Knockout 1st round has been added to the agenda.

The Games are:

Game Over v Brooklyn Zoo 1

Flying Finns v Dart Vaders

Frankie goes to Hollerich v New Thargs

Mind the Gap v Fire Darters

Brooklyn Zoo 3 v Notorious PYG

Who Darted v NTTBS

these first round matches should be played on or around the 2nd February 2022.

We Have a new president

Andy ferns wil be the new president for the new season.

Greetings Frank Wolters And have a nice Christmas and a happy new year!!

20 October

Rumor has it that from 1 November all bars in Luxembourg have to be covid check bars.

That means that the 2 first matches: 20 October and 27 October, we have to play in the covid check bars that we already have: Pygmalion – Star bar – Oscars diner – George and dragon.

I wil leave for the captains to decide in which of these bars you are going to play. If you can’t manage to play one of both of these matches you can postpone them til the end of the season. This counts only for these first 2 matches.

Please, let the other team know that you are playing because I have the feeling that not every captain (team) check these website updates.

Greetings Frank

Season 21/22

Covid check bars so far.

Pygmalion – Star bar – Oscars diner – George and Dragon.

To make this season work only on a wednesday is not gonna work.

New season is online. Agenda- scrol down- Season 21/22 – Submit

14 October there is press conference from the gouverment.

Hope we can start the season 20 October


Flip a coin to start evry game

4 singles best of 3

2 doubles best of 3

1 team game start from 1001

Greetings Frank

New Committee

Frank Wolters (President)

Andy Ferns (Vice-President)

Sean Stevens (Treasurer)

Adam Shakespeare (Secretary)

Alain Jung (Key maker)

Pool A

Brooklyn Zoo 1

Flying Finns

Franky goes to Hollerich

Brooklyn Zoo 3

Dirty Darting

Game Over

Pool B

Fire Darters

New Thargs

Dart Vaders

Mind the Gap

Who Tube

Notororius Pyg


We are still working to make a schedule on the website. After this is being done, we will pick a date to kick of a new season.

If your team has not registered for the new season, then please e-mail the new committee at

Following information is coming soon.

Greetings Frank Wolters (President)

Season 21/22

Dear all,

the pandemic is still not over yet. However the Luxembourgish Darts Federation is starting their new season in october following the rules which the ministry of health has put together, so that it will be possible to play darts in a safe environment.

On wednesday the 1st september 2021 at 19 o’clock a meeting will be held in Oscars Diner to inform the teams about the regulations which are in place until the 15th september. Their can be also made propositions for the new season.

I would propose that a captains meeting will be held afterwards on wednesday 15th september at the same place where the new committee will be elected. At that moment, we will also know if the regulations and rules will be changed be the ministry of health or if the same rules will be extended.

Please note that also a few people will be needed to be part of the new committee.