Team Knockout Results

Congratulations to Brooklyn Zoo 1 for winning the Trophy in an exciting 4-3 win over the New Thargs. Spectators had to wait for the outcome of the last doubles game to find out who would get the coveted winner’s trophy at the upcoming finals night!

In the Shield competition, the Island Boys fended off up-and-coming Lonely Darts Club 5-2 to take home the big one next week!

Cheers to all the participants and we will see all of you next week, June 12th at the Finals Night at EireLux!

Get ready for Finals Night 2024!

Circle the day in your calendar: The Finals Night 2024 takes place on June 12th at EireLux (Howald).

The event will start at 19h00 and will feature a Singles competition with a round-robin first round. The winner and the runner-up will receive a €50, respectively €25 gift voucher!

We will also hand out lots of trophies and prizes to all these teams and individuals:

Regular season:

  • Division 1 Champions: Brooklyn Zoo 1
  • Division 1 Runnner-up: New Thargs
  • Division 2 Champions: Brooklyn Zoo 3
  • Division 1 Runnner-up: Who Darted

Team Knockout:

  • Trophy Winner: TBD
  • Trophy Runner-up: TBD
  • Shield Winner: TBD
  • Shield Runner-up: TBD

Individual achievements:

  • Best Player Division 1 Winter Season: Frank Wolters (27 points)
  • Best Player Division 1 Spring Season: Andrea Colombo (24 points)
  • Best Player Division 2 Winter Season: Claude Brachtenbach (26 points)
  • Best Player Division 2 Spring Season: Jeff Greis (34 points)
  • High Scores (Winter & Spring): Jim Mayer (9x 180)
  • High Checkout (Winter & Spring): Alex Chalmers (158)
  • Fast Finish (Winter & Spring): Jim Mayer (13 darts)

Final standings – Spring Season 2024

Congratulations to the champions:

  • Division 1: Brooklyn Zoo 1
  • Division 2: Brooklyn Zoo 3

Brooklyn Zoo 1 finished the season undefeated after beating the Division 1 runner-up New Thargs last night and Brooklyn Zoo 3 managed to clinch the crown on the last match day in a decisive win over runner-up Who Darted!